Whether starting a business of your own or building an existing business we're highlighting 3 mujeres in the community who can help guide you in the right direction.

First up TAXES.

Yes, we can already hear the moans. We feel ya! Taxes for the most part are an area of business we feel overwhelmed by. This is where we plug in Yolanda of Yolis Tax Pro, not only is she the owner of her own business but she's always providing helpful tax filling tips and information on her Instagram. Oh and let's not forget she also can help with Notary-Loan Signing, Accounting and Business Consultation. 


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Seeking Trademark, Copyright or Business advice?

Easy let's plug in our amiga Taylor M. Tieman who is both a Trademark and Business Attorney. Yup, she's ready to help any answer any questions you may have regarding your business or business in general.

Taylor also provides help via her LegalMiga Membership Program; 

"A budget-friendly, subscription legal services platform allowing you access to an attorney when you need it most."



Learn more about what she offers here and find her on Instagram here


Stuck in a career rut?

Not sure what your next step should be or if you should stop what you're doing to pursue your real passion? Then it's time to chat with Life and Career Coach Michelle Gomez.

"Helping ambitious women who are frustrated in their current careers, find work that matters to them & build a life they love."

Michelle offers one on one coaching and has a published book: 
Own Your Brilliance: Overcome Impostor Syndrome for Career Success


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Hope this helps!